Month: November 2015

To Succeed, You Need More Than Ideas


To laugh often and much

So begins one of my favorite quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson. One that will have more meaning shortly. I’ll explain.

The American College of Cardiology (ACC), a medical society of which I’m a member, has launched a new website. It claims to be able to help you select the best hospital for your heart condition.

There are often several options to choose from when deciding the best hospitals to receive care for a heart (cardiac) condition… You can make more informed choices.    –From

Since numerous organizations with almost no knowledge about healthcare delivery have decided to release medical scoring systems under the premise that it will help the public in some way, why shouldn’t the ACC get involved? Great idea. Most of ACC’s members are physicians who will know a thing or two about patient care.

So, I quickly navigated to their new website to see what it was all about.

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Accountable Care & Its Productivity Complex


It is absolutely absurd to reward someone for being less productive.

This entire principle is befuddling to me.

But, a government think tank has decided this is the future of American medicine. “We’ve discovered a better way to muddle with the healthcare market,” they say.

The previous (and also ridiculous) system, built upon an UNKNOWN fee-for-every-service, is now being replaced by a more accountable one.

Accountability, like safety, is an easy concept on which to build support. Why? Because we need accountability in healthcare.

If the term, Accountable Care Organization (ACO), is not commonplace for you yet, it will be. In fact, you may already be receiving your medical care from one right now.

ACOs are networks of doctors, hospitals, and other medical providers that share responsibility in the care and cost of a large population’s health.

Think of them as being the It.

And, It may be caring for you.

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If You See A Study Labeled “Landmark,” Throw It In The Trash


I’m going to tell you the real goal for a clinical trial in medicine these days.

It’s to be landmark.

It’s what the trial sponsors seek and their investigators envy.

Landmark is the ultimate goal.

In fact, trial sponsors will frequently call their own study landmark even before it gets published in a scientific journal. Kind of like getting your Super Bowl ring fitted during the preseason.

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You Can’t Take Back What You Are Giving Away


I’ve played some basketball in my lifetime.

Just small stuff.

I’ve even coached a few games, like my sister’s co-ed basketball team, when she was eight years old. I helped my dad. One of the many things we enjoyed doing together.

I’ll never forget this one game.

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Looking For The RightCare Balance


One of the more enjoyable writers I follow on social media is Dr. John M.

I’ve never met him personally. We only rarely exchange comments in the online environment. You know, 140 characters or less stuff. I don’t really know him.

I read his articles. Although I currently have no way of knowing this with absolute certainty, he seems to be very sincere. He may have me fooled. But, I don’t think so. He comes across as passionate about medicine, patients, and the physicians who care for them. He believes in doing the right thing.

He is an advocate for something known as RightCare. I’ll get to more about this in a minute.

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