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You Can Expect to Die If You Live


“Life expectancy in the United States lags behind other countries.”

I hear that statement a good bit when people try to explain America’s healthcare problems to me.

The statement almost always precedes this one:

“The United States is spending tons of dollars on healthcare and getting far less return on its investment than other countries.”

Basically, there are problems with healthcare in America and this results in lower-than-hoped-for life expectancy.

We spend too much on medical tests. We diagnosis many diseases. But, we don’t follow through with managing them well, so our population doesn’t live as long as our competitors.

I’ve even found myself, from time to time, nodding along with people making these statements and using this kind of reasoning. Then, it finally occurred to me.

We actually have no idea what we are talking about.

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The Journey Toward No Medicine At All


You gotta hand it to our Health Department. They are laser focused on this one. They want 85% of payments made to doctors by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to be linked to clinical quality measures within the next two years.

Moreover, I suspect the Health Department is still giddy from Congress passing a new healthcare bill earlier this month. The legislation implements a number of controversial things for a nation built on the premise of freedom, but one of these is to push medical providers into unproven “alternative payment organizations” in order to move away from what has become known as fee-for-service.

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