Onward.  I just like the word.

Moving toward a more advanced state or condition.  Going further rather than coming to an end or halt. I like the word because it’s a struggle for me to sit still. In fact, relaxing can be much harder than it seems.  You may even feel the same way from time to time.

I’m not even certain if onward is the antithesis of still.  (I just looked up antithesis to make sure that I used it correctly.  Note to self: relax, this is a blog, not an English 401 course.) Scratch antithesis. I actually hope that onward doesn’t completely conflict with still because Psalm 46 sure sounds equally as virtuous: “Be still, and know that I am God.” There is onward, and then there is still.  Onward versus still.  Okay, maybe it’s a balance, which leads me to my second word.

Upward. I like this one too. I think it’s because I’m still in the process of moving somewhere. Toward a higher place, point, or levelToward a more distinguished conditionUpward gives me a goal.  A place toward which to reach out. I’m clearly not anywhere close to being there yet. If I were there, I’d probably feel more comfortable sitting still.

Onward and Upward. And, so our journey begins. But, is it really about the journey? Some people think so. I disagree. It’s about the now. It’s about a daily routine geared toward becoming more healthy. Healthier physically. Healthier spiritually. Ultimately, our daily routine is the only thing that we can ever hope to control. James Altucher writes about it much better than me, and if you only read one book in the next year, you should read this one.  If you can’t afford it, email him, and he’ll send you a copy for free.

Routines can be challenging to maintain. You think that exercising 30-minutes per day five days a week is just too tiring.  You fear that you just can’t read or write something inspirational each day. If that’s what it takes to be onward and upward, you think that you can’t get there. Maybe, you are right. But, then again, maybe you aren’t. Ramit Sethi explains that the best way to get people to floss their teeth is to just ask them to floss ONE tooth. That’s it. ONE tooth. Start flossing ONE tooth, and before long, you will floss TWO, and if you are flossing TWO, why stop there?   

It’s the little things. It’s faith the size of a mustard seed that moves mountains. It only takes a pinch of yeast to raise all the dough.

Onward and upward is about a daily routine toward better health. One that should ultimately help you to feel more at peace sitting still.